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Blunder Nites is a educative and inspiring event that help us to redirect our attention on the misconception we have about mistakes, errors, failures and blunders.


The ultimate aim is to help the audience rethink blunders by sharing authentic stories of failure with them at each event. Each event would host at least 3 interesting and influential personalities that are confident enough to share their failures along the road to success and importantly, the lessons the audience can take away from the mistakes they have made in the past.


A major cause of frustration for most people is that they tend to judge isolated situations in their lives and label them as blunders. Having the right perspective on blunders, leads to perseverance, inspires the right attitude and ultimately helps in achieving your desires. The audience would be inspired to have the right perspective on blunders.

The What

Let's Work Together

The Concept

Blunder Nites is a educative and inspiring event that help us to redirect our attention on the misconception we have about mistakes, errors, failures and blunders.


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The Why

Let's Work Together

The Wright brothers, uneducated, had no financial support, were not expected to invent flight ... Dr Samuel Langley was. He had publications and teachings on flight. He was sponsored by the American military (50,000 USD). He experienced 2 failures in his attempt to invent flight and he quit. The Wright brothers on the other hand failed until they succeeded in inventing flight.


Thomas Edison was considered unteachable, Albert Einstein was told he would not amount to much in life, Abraham Lincoln was defeated severally before he became President of the U.S. and Richard Branson was considered having a learning disorder, Ray Croc did not get to start his globally valuable food chain until he was in his 60’s


Bringing it home, Adenike Ogunlesi had to drop out of school, Ben Murray Bruce did not enjoy the support of his parents to go into show business, Otunba Subomi Balogun was denied a well deserved promotion.


It’s obvious that failure is a common experience on the route to Success. Failure is not final and your blunders should not keep one back. We believe that if one can have the good fortune of learning from the mistakes of others, he or she stands a greater chance of success without making the same mistakes.

The How

Let's Work Together

The Blunder Nites event would hold every other month for a start to be on the second Tuesday of the month and for a period of about 2 hours.


The session would mainly be a comfortable seat out setting with room and time to foster interaction and networking. The audience would mainly comprise of the upwardly mobile demographic who are mainly professionals or aspiring professionals in their field both working class and entrepreneurs alike.


Each speaker would have 15 minutes to educate the audience on mistakes made in the past and lessons learnt from the mistakes, there would also be a session for the audience to ask questions and get much needed answers.We would utilize the sessions to give the audience particularly foreigners a feel of African vibes, literary work and sound.

Start Conversations

Conversations about



With an event holding every other month, we are going to engage a broad range of influencers on the subject of failure and blunders.


Awareness on the route to true success


Success doesn’t come easy and it doesn’t come in overnight either. We hope to use this platform to create

awareness on the benefits of failure

when we have the right perspective.


Drinks and chops on us


Our audience would be provided with refreshment and an ambient environment to learn, network and be inspired

Get Ideas

Ideas rule the world


We do hope that by attending the

event, participants would leave with

ideas and a renewed vigor to succeed at

whatever they do.

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